The New Eclipse Explorer App

After a long and nearly complete code rewrite, the Eclipse Explorer Mobile App: Version 3.0 is now available: Just in time for the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017! Read on for further information.
App screen shot.
What is Eclipse Explorer?
Eclipse Explorer is a free astronomical app that allows you to view the circumstances for solar eclipses that occur between 1900 and 2100 using your GPS defined location.  It uniquely features countdown timers to eclipse events at your specific location, simulates the position of the Sun and Moon, and draws the location of the Moon's shadow on the Earth in real-time.  Lookup solar eclipse circumstance data from around the world: Touch your desired location or lookup by city/point of interest/address.

Why Create Eclipse Explorer?
There are numerous online sources for eclipse circumstances, however, very few are mobile friendly and easily integrate with a mobile device which often offers very accurate time and location to the user: An integrated GPS.

See the Spectacle
A solar eclipse is one of nature's most amazing spectacles, however, clouds can ruin your day.  Use this app to overlay satellite and radar data on the day of the eclipse to make sure you stay within the path of totality and away from the clouds!

A Code Demonstration
In terms of coding and application development, it is a demonstration of what can be achieved inside a completely cross-platform standard JavaScript framework.